These scattered small islands, with lush vegetation are considered the ornament of central Aegean, and are considered the natural extension of the magnificent Pelio an Southeast Euboea. Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnesos, Skyros along with many other smaller islands resemble springboards which give off a scent of pine-tree and resin combined with the scent of ozone from the clean Aegean sea. For many decades, the Sporadic were visited by Greek families who respected the quiet character of this Greek island countryside. However, the impressions of few individual foreign tourists made the Sporadic famous for their beauty and tranquillity.

Therefore, the extensive promotion which followed resulted in the construction of modern, luxurious hotels in order to keep up with the increased demand. Nowadays, tourists arrive on the islands on scheduled flights. Skiathos and Skopelos are the most developed islands of the Sporadic, almost as much as Rhodes and Kos in the Dodecanese. In Skiathos, pine trees that grow on the beautiful beaches lean over the surface of the sea. The beaches on the island are characterised by fine white sand and craggy rocks. Magnificent underwater arches and tunnels are formed in the white rocks eroded by the sea. It is an awesome spectacle for the visitor who first comes to view this masterpiece of nature.
Skopelos just like Skiathos has beautiful beaches, modern hotels, quiet tavernís, shops with traditional folklore items, as well as all sorts of fashionable products in order to fulfil tourists' needs.
Alonnesos is a smaller and less developed island which managed to maintain the local character of the Sporadic. This is easily identified in the quiet uphill cobbled roads of the old town, the every day habits of the local fishermen and viticulturists, the local costumes and the sound of the island's music. Despite the existence of numerous traditional hostels and restaurants, in general terms the islanders' lifestyle remains authentic in comparison to the other Greek islands. Few remote beaches on the island are well protected by ecological organisations since the Mediterranean seal, threatened with extinction, finds shelter here. The island is ideal for family vacations and for people who prefer tranquillity rather than the other packed popular beaches in the Aegean.
Skyros is the most remote island of the Sporadic and the least developed in tourist terms. Skyros' popularity is attributed to its unique folklore character which is very distinct in the ceramics and in the hand-woven textiles which nowadays decorate city houses. There is also a custom which has contributed to the island's popularity; the traditional carnival, which lasts for 21 days and includes festivities that date back to ancient Hellenic ceremonies. Scheduled charter flights from Switzerland to Skyros have been taking place for two years. This occurrence is a proof of the lure of the tourist development. However, Skyros has preserved its traditional hospitality and character like the rest of the Sporadic.